Security Alert

Your success starts with IELTS.

Don't risk your future by cheating in any way.

Please DO NOT:
  • Trust anyone offering to take your IELTS test for you.
  • Trust anyone offering IELTS results for sale as these promises are false.
  • Risk your integrity and your future by trying to cheat in any way.

IELTS test results are used for admission to universities, colleges and professional bodies, as well as for immigration to English-speaking countries. For this reason it is essential to ensure the security of test results and IELTS has a number of measures in place to safeguard against the falsification of results.

Your photograph will be taken on the day of your IELTS test; this will appear on your IELTS Test Report Form. Fraud prevention measures are in place to enable IELTS to identify counterfeit Test Report Forms (TRFs).

Immigration agencies and institutions that accept IELTS scores will cancel your application and exclude you from applying again if false documentation is submitted. Test-takers engaging in malpractice may also be liable to legal action.

IELTS is the world's leading high-stakes English language proficiency test, and continues to protect the validity of its scores and the genuine test-taker. If you ignore the above warning, you risk your money and your future.

If you have any concerns or want to report any suspicious activities, please write to...

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